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Welcome to the new home of the WildWest MMO. This is a new port of an older VB6 MMO. The game will play completely in your web browser and will be accepting beta testers very soon. Please visit often for more info.

Some of the features include:
* 5 different classes
* Many skills / spells / abilities
* Based on real-world locations in the old west
* Housing system
* Pet System
* Player Content Creation
* Hundreds of quests
* Many different crafting / gathering abilities
* Player Vs. Player Combat
* Bounty System
* Player stores / auctions
* Alignment system: Play as the hero or the villan

NEWS: 1-18-2011 -- Now open for private registration. Email support@wildwestmmo.com for consideration. Please include your real name, and a short description of why you would be a good candidate for the private beta. All applicaions are being considered by hand and it may take up to 2 days to receive a reply. Thank you for your interest.
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Question of the day:
How do I train my pet?
Training your pet is an essential part of bonding with them. The closer they are to you and the better trained they are, the more helpful they will be when assisting you. To train your pet, choose the "Care for Pets" option in the game menu.

Start your training by saying a command to your pet. If they perform the action that you wish to associate with your command, reward your pet. After a while, they will learn all of your commands with great accuracy.

Use the "attack" option to bring out the training dummy. You may use this accessory to train your pet to assist you in battle.

Use the "play" option to bring out the ball. Click somewhere on the playfield to drop the ball. If you have your pet fetch the ball, it will help keep your pet happy and loyal.

Keep interacting with your pet to increase the bond between the two of you and you will reap great rewards.
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